So long Nicole

screen-shot-2016-10-17-at-1-17-32-pmIt almost seems like old news even though it was only four days ago, but I thought I’d share a bit about our experience with Nicole (you remember that category 3 hurricane that hit Bermuda on Thursday?). We were without electricity for three days, so I’ve only just now sat down at my computer to post a blog.

Thursday was a scary, unsettling day to be sure. In the beginning when Nicole first arrived, we still had power and Internet. It was both comforting and entertaining to stay in touch with fellow islanders via Facebook to keep track of how things were going on their part of the island. And we had a Facetime chat with our granddaughter and daughter, which was a great distraction from the howling winds and torrential rain.

Our power went out mid-morning. Having lost contact with the world outside our walls, we sat tight in the house while the wind and rain wreaked havoc around us. Little air circulation, because of course we couldn’t open any windows and no electricity to power the ceiling fans. The storm shutters were closed, so the light in the house was gloomy. Not a fun day; however I did manage to read a whole book. I would have started another but my iPad’s battery died.

When the eye was upon us, after about 4 hours, we had some relief. It’s kind of eerie how everything suddenly goes silent after noisy howling through our fireplace and the cacophony outside. We were able to go out and get some air, see what damage had occurred in the first half, connect with the neighbours who were also outside for some air. After about an hour, the wind started picking up again and we all went back in for the second onslaught, which on our side of the island was worse. By 5:00 it was over and we opened the shutters and windows. 

We went for a walk along our little road. Here are a few photos of the mess Nicole left behind for some of our neighbours:


img_2629    img_2639

The next day we spent a few hours cleaning up the debris around our house. We moved the kayaks back outside, swept up the patio, paths, and steps, washed the windows, walls, car, and scooters. This is what a car looks like after a hurricane (and the walls and windows of houses too!), full of bits of leaves, twigs, grass, all glued to the surface with salt water spray from the ocean.


Outside there is now a lovely aroma that reminds me of autumn in Ontario, that scent of fallen and decaying leaves. With the temperatures having cooled, and the humidity broken, it actually feels and smells like fall.

Our electricity (and running water) were finally restored Saturday night. And now, other than all the extreme pruning that nature did to the foliage and the cleanup that still needs to be done, it’s hard to imagine that we were in the midst of a category 3 hurricane four days ago. Life is pretty much back to normal. 


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  1. PAL J

    First time I’ve followed your blog for some time. Thanks for filling us in on Nicole

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