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Guest blogging


It’s been a very long while since I’ve posted on this blog. All I can say is that life waylaid me and distracted me. The fact of the matter is that I took a few months where I just wanted to have minimal time at my computer screen. What did I do instead? Played piano and recorder (learned a Sonata by Schubert and one by Beethoven piano, and a couple of movements of a sonata by Haydn on the recorder). I’ve been following a DVD course in water colour techniques. I’ve been traveling (those trips are subjects for another blog). I’ve been reading. And I’ve been writing…well, I’ve been formulating plots and characters and settings so that I can write again.

But now I’m back. Ironically, today’s return to blogging is to announce that I am a guest blogger today on author J.M. Kelley’s blog. Come and visit. Click here.

And I’ll see you here again next week.

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