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Today I am guest blogging on One Woman’s Write blog, talking about how I became a writer. (Thanks for having me there, Linda!)

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Out of the Box


One of the more interesting aspects of living in other places is experiencing cultural events that are different from what I’ve grown up with. Take for example Cup Match weekend in Bermuda. This is THE holiday of the summer on the island. It’s a four-day weekend, during which a serious cricket match is played over two days (Thursday and Friday) between the St. George’s team (east end) and the Somerset team (west end).  The event itself is exciting and not just for the match. People wear an assortment of hats, refreshments flow freely, and a Crown & Anchor tent tempts people to lose their money.

Also on that weekend, families set up tents and campsites all over the island. Parties go on everywhere, stores are closed, people fly in to celebrate the summer.

On the Sunday, there is a non-mariners race, where people create unique floating devices and race them. In addition, anyone with a boat who wants to participate sails over to Mangrove Bay, anchors and ties their boat to other boats and they party. People float in the water on noodles or other floatation devices with drinks in hand, music blares from various crafts, and the atmosphere is full of fun and happiness.

We are fortunate enough to have friends who own a boat, and they invited us to join them this past weekend at the Non-Mariners. Our two sons were lucky enough to be visiting at the time and they joined us too. We had a blast! The sun shone, the water was warm,the company was great, and the drinks were cold. Is there a better way to celebrate summer?

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Summer hiatus


I can’t believe that two months have passed since I last wrote on this blog. Those months were filled with people, travel, and fun. Just after I posted my last entry, I travelled to Canada to attend a wedding and spend some quality time with my kids. After we’d been home for barely a week, one of my best friends came to visit us in Bermuda. Ten days after she left one of our sons arrived for a visit, followed three days later by our other son. Visitors definitely keep me busy and distracted. And of course, there are the usual summer activities that I participate in when the water warms up, like scuba diving, snorkeling, and kayaking.

Phew. It’s no wonder my blog fell by the wayside in my list of priorities.

Still, in the midst of all that busyness, my writing life has continued. While the summer hasn’t been too conducive to making much headway on the new novel I recently started, I did manage to secure a contract for my second women’s fiction novel. It is titled BREATHING SPACE (hopefully my publisher will choose to keep that title). Although I will keep you posted on any progress as it occurs, its release date isn’t until early 2015, so it will be a while before that book hits the bookshelves.

No matter. I have enough to do. I just received the final edits for the third Lucy Arlington mystery (BOOKS, COOKS AND CROOKS), so my co-author and I will be busy with that over the next few weeks. And once we send that out, I will have no excuse not to buckle down with that new project that I started a month ago. I have characters to flesh out, a plot line to solidify, a story to tell…I’d better get to it!


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