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A Ray Experience


If you are a regular reader of this blog, you will know that I was in Cozumel last week on a diving holiday with my husband and friends. We had a fantastic time, scuba diving every day, enjoying the wonderful sunshine, meeting friendly people, eating great food, and of course, drinking margaritas.

Every morning the dive boat would pick us up at 7:30 A.M. and we would head off for our day of scuba diving. Each dive was a fantastic experience because the reefs and undersea life are so varied and colourful. However, one dive was particularly memorable.

Our dive master informed us that spotted eagle rays migrate past Cozumel in February, and one afternoon she led us to a spot 80 feet below the surface where we could watch the rays swim by. Wedging our hands in the sand and gripping rocks, we resisted the current and became still as dozens of eagle rays “flew” past us. The longer we stayed there on the bottom of the ocean and the calmer we became, the closer the rays approached us. IMG_1138

I was awed. My dive buddies were awed. The magnificence of these creatures and their graceful flight through the water is a sight I will never forget. Observing this amazing occurrence was akin to a spiritual experience, and I was honoured to be a witness to a phenomena that most people don’t have to opportunity to observe. I was filled with a renewed appreciation of nature’s splendor.


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The Next Story


February has been an exciting month for me as an author for several reasons. One, I finished and sent off my second novel (still haven’t heard anything, in case you’re wondering). Two, the second book in the mystery series I co-author was released AND was on the New York Times Bestseller list two weeks in a row (so far)! And three, I went on a fantastic vacation week in Cozumel, where I went scuba diving every day. Can life get any better?

Now I’m back home, back to my regular life, back at the computer. It’s time to move on to my next writing project. The trouble is, I haven’t yet nailed down what it is I am going to work on. One of the problems that we writers have (I’m not the only one) is that our minds are filled with a multitude of ideas, and solidifying just one can be difficult. At the moment, I can’t decide between:

1. A novel that I started a couple of years ago and of which I’ve written over fifty pages. The story starts off in post-war Netherlands and is about a young Dutch girl who loses her mother under mysterious circumstances. Her tale has been germinating and developing in my brain even as I was writing my other novels.


2. With the success of the Novel Idea Cozy Mystery Series, several ideas for other cozy series are rolling around in my head.

How am I going to decide? I guess I should play with each idea for a week, work out the characters, settings and plot lines, and see which story speaks to me the most. I’ll keep you posted…

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Going to my Happy Place

IMG_2172I’ll be on holiday next week. Although we’re going to sunny Mexico, I’ll be spending most of the week under the ocean, swimming with the fish and other critters, admiring the reefs, taking photos. Just over three years ago, Richard and I began scuba diving. We took our certification and never looked back. Now there is no place I’d rather be than under the water. Under the ocean has become my happy place.

If you haven’t been to Bermuda in February, you might wonder why we would fly somewhere else to go diving. Well, winter in Bermuda means cool temperatures, especially in the water, choppy surf and wind. So we’re flying off to the warmer waters of Cozumel to see what life under the ocean looks like there.

Because I’ll be there and not here at my computer, I won’t post any blogs next week. But I’ll be back before you know it.

Have a great week!


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New York Times Bestseller!


I interrupt my regular blogging for an exciting announcement. Every Trick in the Book, the second book in the Novel Idea Mystery series that I co-author under the name Lucy Arlington is  Number 23 on the New York Times Bestseller list! I am absolutely thrilled!

Thank you readers.

Every Trick in the Book

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animated_book-with-winks-flyingToday I completed the final edits on the manuscript of the second novel that I hope to publish under my own name. As you know, this past week has been focused on my alter-ego, Lucy Arlington, and the release of her second novel, Every Trick in the Book. However, despite that exciting distraction, Sylvia May (me!) continued to work on her second women’s fiction novel.

This morning I made the final changes and corrections. I polished the document, gave it a cover page, and sat back, suddenly nervous to send it out in the world. Of course, it won’t get out in the world until it finds a publisher, but that first step of sending it to an agent feels very much like sending it out in the world.

I wrote the email, attached the document, and let my cursor hover over the “send” key. My pulse started racing and my mouth went dry. And then a little voice in my head said, “Do it or not. Just decide.” So I hit send.

And off it flew over the Internet.

I’ll keep you posted on it’s progress.


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A Great Party

Last night’s book launch and signing party to celebrate the release of Every Trick in the Book by Lucy Arlington was a resounding success. I was touched and overwhelmed by the number of people who came to support me. (I’m sure it wasn’t just the wine that encouraged them to come!)

For the rest this blog post, I think pictures can tell the story.


With friends Nancy, Lynda, and Jennifer holding their books signed by the author.


With my writing buddy, Debbie.


I signed lots of books last night.


With bibliophile, Liz.


With friend Loral.


With friend, Jen.


The early crowd.


I wonder if the men were discussing the book…


Bookmarks, bookmarks, bookmarks.


And the wine poured freely.


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Book Launch!

Every Trick in the Book

There’s excitement around our house this week. Lucy Arlington‘s second book (Every Trick in the Book) is released today. My writing partner (Ellery Adams) and I will be having fun as we track the sales numbers on Amazon and Barnes&Noble for a few days, emailing back and forth when they fluctuate. Those two stats give us a good gauge on how the book is doing in the market. When Buried in a Book came out last February, it seemed that Ellery and I wrote more emails to one another in the span of one week than we did in a month while writing the book! When the numbers were exceptionally good, we succumbed and called long distance to celebrate together, especially when the book hit the New York Times list. Ellery, who has published several books, claimed that the launch week was so much more fun because there were two of us to experience the thrill together.

On Wednesday, I’ll be hosting a book launch party at my house. Friends and supporters will come for a glass of wine to toast the new book, get their copies signed, and to hang out with their favourite author.  🙂

Joy is meant to be shared; it increases when more people experience it together. I’m delighted to have a book coming out today, but even more delighted to be able to experience the pleasure of its launch with friends and family.

Have you ordered your copy yet? You can do so here:

Amazon ~ Kindle

Barnes&Noble ~ Nook

Chapters-Indigo ~ Kobo

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