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January reading and signing

When it comes to blogging, the question I always ask myself is this: Why do I continue to let blogging sink to the bottom of my to-do list? After the best of intentions in adding “blog more” to my resolutions for 2012, here we are on the last day of January and the last time I posted was New Year’s!

It seems that time management, which in the past has never been a problem for me, has become a challenge in my life as an author living in Bermuda. No matter, we forge ahead.

I was recently in Ontario for family matters (why else would I leave the moderate climate of Bermuda for the cold and snow?), and while there, I held a reading. A good friend had booked Misty Mountain Coffee in Kitchener for the event, and as soon I walked into the cafĂ©, I knew it was the perfect place–local artist’s work on the walls, a corner bookshelf filled with books, comfy chairs. In fact, it made me think of the coffee shop in the Novel Ideal cozy mystery series I’m co-authoring. 

Norman, the owner, was so friendly and welcoming, and completely flexible about our setup. I found it very rewarding to have my kids help with the event as they’ve been unable to attend any of my other book events in Bermuda. The number of attendees awed me–family, close friends, former piano students, former colleagues, and readers I met for the first time. I spoke, I read, I signed, I sold books, and I hugged. Thank you everyone for your support.


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