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Rainy Monday

70 days to the release of Abby! My bookmarks are ordered–let me know if you’d like me to send you one–and the wait is on. Check out my updated website:

I woke up today to rain, rain, rain. It’s coming straight down, as opposed to blowing all over the place, and here in Bermuda that is welcomed. We consider it “tank rain,” because it fills the water tanks under the house. That’s where most of us get our water, collected from the white slanted roofs on our houses that have channels designed to catch rainwater and channel it to the collection system into the cisterns. Fascinating, isn’t it?

So, while the (almost) ever present sun is one of the things I love about Bermuda, I’ve come to appreciate a good rainy day too.

And of course it’s a  perfect day to sit at the computer and write…but wait! I first have to clean the house and bake cookies because I’m hosting a group here this afternoon. If I work really fast, I may have a few hours to write, though, as I do need to get a handle on my current chapter and want to do so before my group arrives at 1:00.

Ah, don’t you love the early morning, stretching out with endless possibilities? I’d better get at it!

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