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I’ve been assigned an editor! Yay!

Two weeks ago, I experienced the excitement of signing the contract for my first novel to be published.

There followed a week of back and forth emails with the publisher–completing forms, starting the plans for marketing, thinking about the cover…

Then the release date for the book was assigned.

All VERY exciting.

After which followed a week or so of nothing. I had other projects occupying my time, so it didn’t distress me too much. But at the back of my mind there was this constant question of “what’s happening with my book?” Just yesterday, I mused to Richard, “I haven’t heard anything about my book editor; in fact I haven’t heard anything from my publisher all week.” Not that I was worried. She’d informed me she was traveling this week, and had assured me she’d assign an editor to me before the weeks’ end. But after the high of that week when I really felt like an author, it was a bit of a letdown.

Then today I received an email with my editor’s name and I am thrilled. I have an editor! Now comes the hard work of bringing my novel to publishing standard.

I am ready.


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Cast-Off Day!

Six weeks ago I broke my ankle in a freak accident that I’m almost embarrassed to describe. I was at a Jazzercise class, trying to be good about staying fit, when I twisted on my ankle. Within minutes it had swelled to about twice its size. Class was over for me! Thankfully it was my left foot, so I could still drive, and I headed home, hobbling down flights of stairs to my car, then climbing another set of stairs to get into the house. “Get me some ice,” I whined to Richard when I walked in the door. “I’ve twisted my ankle.” One look at it, and Richard whisked me off to the hospital, where an x-ray confirmed that I had indeed broken the ankle.

Then followed six weeks of hobbling on crutches with my foot encased in a boot cast. I was frustrated but thankful that it was a removable cast, allowing for airing and resting my foot, and showers (on a stool). Over time, the pain subsided, and I began to resent having to forgo my morning walks, not riding my scooter, not being able to go snorkeling on the few hot days we had in November. And everything took twice as long–taking a shower, making dinner, getting anywhere. Handicap accessibility is not one of Bermuda’s fortes.

Nevertheless, I survived those long six weeks. Last night I even ventured walking on my foot without the cast or crutches, and although my steps were cautious, it felt okay. This morning I woke up excited, and headed off to my 8:00 am appointment at the fracture clinic.  And now I am cast free! And crutches-free! Woo hoo! My foot is weak and I have to have some physio therapy, but my foot is free.

Those six weeks have taught me a lot, though. How to get through daily life with limitations. How to slow down. How to appreciate all that I am able to do. Not to take my abilities for granted. This experience has given me a new appreciation for those who must cope with physical limitations every day of their life.

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